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ICE 0.1 released

We’ve released ICE 0.1, the first public release of ICE! You can now play the first levels and even try modding to create your own ships. The game is not even nearly complete, but you can get a basic idea of how ICE will look.

Version 0.1 has one mini-campaign of 4 levels featuring various enemies, ranging from very easy to hard. Sounds have just been added very recently, and they still need work. Many things are still missing; the RPG system and ship upgrading is nonexistent and there are no real bosses in the game. While the game is very moddable, there are no editors yet; everything has to be done manually in YAML files (see the Modding section).

Builds for Linux and Windows can be found in the Downloads section. If you have any comments or criticism for the game, you can post in the ICE forums. You can report bugs by creating a new issue in the issue tracker.

There are a few known problems at this point: On Windows, initial loading takes a long time. Performance is also far from ideal on slower computers. This is mostly caused by an old, overengineered graphics subsystem that’s currently being rewritten.

Also note that ICE requires OpenGL 2.1 to run. All modern PC graphics cards support this but some older netbook Intel integrated graphics do not.

Help make ICE faster

If ICE runs slow or lags on your machine, you can help us determine which parts are the slowest using its built in frame profiler. You can enable it by editing the frameProfiler section of the data/main/config.yaml file in the game to look like this:

  enabled:   false
  frameSkip: 0
  memoryMiB: 64

You can set memoryMiB to a higher value if you have enough RAM. Note that this will make the game stop at exit, while it dumps the recorded profile data.

This will dump a profile log into the user_data/main/logs. There is also a memory allocation log here, which can also be helpful. You can upload these files to a file upload service like Omploader and post links to the ICE forum.

Especially logs for old or slow machines where ICE runs very slow would be useful.

Discuss in the forums

ICE website online

ICE is a vertical shooter in vein of classics like Tyrian and Raptor: Call of the Shadows. ICE is written to be as easy to modify as possible; so even completely different vertical shooters could be built on its engine.

This is the official website of ICE; it will contain information about the game, downloads, forums, and so on.