ICE gameplay is based on singleplayer campaigns. A campaign is nothing more than a linear sequence of levels. In future, there might be branching campaigns, but it’s not an immediate priority. ICE supports any number of campaigns. At launch, ICE looks in the campaigns subdirectory of mounted mod directories, and attempts to load every YAML file there as a campaign. This is different from levels or entities; while those can be stored in any directory, the campaigns directory is hardcoded.


name: ICE demo
  - levels/level1.yaml
  - levels/level2.yaml
  - levels/level3.yaml
  - levels/level4.yaml
  ICE demo campaign:
    - name: Dávid Horváth
    - name: Libor Mališ
    - name: Tomáš Nguyen

This campaign is called ICE demo in game, and it is 4 levels long, specifying filename of each level. It also specifies one credits section, ICE demo campaign, with names of authors of the campaign. This credits section is displayed with game credits when the player clears the campaign.


name Name of the campaign displayed on the campaign selection screen. Also used by player profiles to track campaign progress; renaming the campaign will result in players losing progress. String. There is no default; this must be specified.
levels File names of levels in the campaign, in order they are played. Sequence of strings. There is no default; this must be specified.
credits One or more credits sections. These will be displayed when the player clears the campaign. Mapping of credits section names and contents. There is no default; this must be specified.

Credits section

A credits section is a mapping where keys are credits section headers (e.g. Graphics or Programming), and values are sequences of author credits. Each credit is a mapping, usually only specifying name of the person credited, but more data can be specified, as described below.

Credit tags

name Name of the person credited.
link A link to the website, gallery, etc. of the credited person. Useful when an author of work under the CC-BY license when wants to be credited with a link to their work.

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