DumbScript component

A dumbscript defines behavior of an entity, such as moving and firing. Unless an entity is player controlled, without a dumbscript, it will not use its engine or weapons (if any). A dumbscript controls a Controller component, which is added to an entity by default with the dumbscript component.

A dumbscript component is specified by filename of a separate dumbscript file.


dumbScript: dumbscripts/script.yaml

The script itself is in this file. A dumbscript is a YAML sequence of instructions. It is just a simple series of tasks to carry out, there is no flow control.


- for 0.2:
    fire: [0, 1]
- for 0.3:
    move-direction: 0.3
    move-speed: 0.3
- for 0.3:
    move-direction: -0.2
    move-speed: 0.45
    fire: [1]
- die:

An entity with this script will first fire weapons in slots 0 and 1 for 0.2 seconds, then move in direction of 0.3 radians (degrees can be used as well) at 0.3 times its full speed for 0.3 seconds. Then, it will move in direction of -0.2 radians with 0.45 of its full speed, firing weapon 1. After that, the entity will die.


for X Carry out an action for the duration of X seconds. The action is determined by parameters specified as key:value pairs. These are described in the table below. This can be used to e.g. move or fire for a certain duration, and even to move and fire simultaneously.
die When this instruction is reached, the entity dies. This is important for example for enemy ships that must cease to exist after leaving the screen to free CPU and memory resources.

Parameters of the for instruction

move-direction Move in the direction specified in radians. Degrees can be specified using the deg suffix. Movement direction follows the same rules as rotation of a Physics component. Float scalar. Default: no direction (i.e. don’t move)
move-speed Movement speed as a multiple of the entity’s max speed determined by its engine component. Float scalar. Default: 1.0.
fire Fire weapons in specified slots. If there is no weapon in any specified slot, it is ignored. Sequence of integers. Default: [].