Engine component

Engine component allows an entity to change its movement(velocity) over time. It behaves like an “engine” accelerating the entity in certain direction when enabled. Whether the engine is enabled and the direction to apply acceleration in is determined by Controller component which in turn is controlled either by a DumbScript component or by a player.


  maxSpeed: 450
  acceleration 250

An entity with this engine component will accelerate by 250 units/second every second until it reaches a speed of 450 units/second.


maxSpeed Maximum speed the entity can move in units per second. When the engine is active, acceleration is applied until this speed is reached. If speed of the entity is any higher than this, it will be lowered to this value. Must be greater or equal to 0.0. Scalar float. This is required; there is no default value.
acceleration Acceleration applied when the engine is enabled in units per second per second. Negative values represent instant acceleration; i.e. the entity is instantly accelerated to full speed in the engine’s direction.