MovementConstraint component

A MovementConstraint component limits movement of an entity to an area. An example of this is the player ship which is limited to obly move within the screen. The area can also be specified relatively; for example, projectiles might be constrained to a particular area around the entity that fired them.


  aabbox: [-1024, -80, 1024, 800]
  constrainedToOwner: true

An entity with this movement constraint component will only be able to move in rectangle area with min coordinates of [-1024, -80] and max coordinates of [1024, 800] relative to the owner entity. Owner is most often whichever entity spawned this entity.


aabbox Constrain movement to an axis aligned bounding box (aka rectangle) area. By default, this is an absolute area in screen coordinates. constrainedToOwner can be used to change that. Sequence of 4 floats. Must be specified; there is no default.
constrainedToOwner If this is true, the constraint area is relative to owner’s position. Usually, owner is the entity that spawned this entity. After the owner dies, the constraint is relative to its last position. If the entity has no owner, the constraint is absolute (relative to [0, 0]). Bool. Default: false.