Warhead component

Warhead component allows an entity to damage other entities on collision. In order for any collision to happen, the entity also must have a Collidable component and a Volume component. This can be used for projectiles to damage ships and for damage in ship-ship collisions.


  damage: 6

An entity with this warhead component will, at collision, damage the entity it collided with by 6 damage. After that, it will die (This can be prevented using killsEntity: false: see below.).


damage Damage caused to the entity we collided with. Negative damage can be used for healing effects. Integer. Must be specified; there is no default.
killsEntity If true(default), the entity with the warhead component dies when the warhead is activated. For example, projectiles should die when they hit their target. However, ships should not die when they collide with something; this can be acheved by setting this to false. Bool. Default: true.