the moddable shoot-em-up


Gameplay of ICE is similar to traditional shoot-em-ups like Tyrian or Raptor: Call of the Shadows. You play through a campaign made of multiple levels, which gradually get harder towards the end. In each level, you get attacked by a variety of enemy ships. You can use three weapons; the main weapon (spacebar) has infinite ammo. Other weapons (J, K) have limited ammo and recharge after their ammo is spent. Each weapon is different in nature and you might need to combine them to survive the harder levels.

In future, you should also be able to improve your ship by adding better weapons and other upgrades (in a way closer to RPGs than other shoot-em-ups), but this is not implemented yet.

Currently, there is only one 4-level “demo” campaign; however, more levels and campaigns can be added by modding (no need to touch the source code). The main campaign will likely get longer in the future.


W, Up Move up
A, Left Move left
S, Down Move down
D, Right Move right
Space, NumPad 5 Fire weapon 1.
J, NumPad 4 Fire weapon 2.
K, NumPad 2 Fire weapon 3.
Scroll Lock Take screenshot (in ~/.ice/main/screenshots/ if installed on Linux, or user_data/main/screenshots/ in the game directory)
Escape Exit the game while playing.